The farm


Horses, donkeys, goats, dogs, cats, geese: we are many of us and happy!

The donkey is the symbol of Masseria Prosperi,not by chance. A wonderful being sung by Pindar in his Odes, a keeper of secrets for Aristophanes, the paradigm of a boundless grace in much literature of all time. Our donkeys wait for you with many other friends, horses, dogs, cats, geese, goats and more!

Our large family

Many of them were found, others were saved, others arrived by chance and bound themself forever to our family. Their company is a precious gift for everyone: it will brighten your days and long summer evenings. Our animal friends, cheerful and gentle, wait for your cuddles and caresses. Children will enjoy the most authentic contact with nature and the countryside.

You are free to bring your horses: we will welcome them with care
providing them with boxes, paddocks and fresh forage.

Your pets are also welcome!

Read the story of each of them ...