Kitchen and vegetable garden

Raw material and creativity
The genius in the kitchen: Antonio

What makes a course unique? The chef’s hand, his creativity and talent, his care for the raw material. Antonio is a son of the Apulian culinary tradition: he is a tightrope walker in the kitchen and a real ham of the good food. He has an inborn talent: he’s able to transform the Masseria’s products into taste experiences he can tell you about during the convivial dinner (which is the Prosperi’s trademark), or even the wood oven pizza ritual.


The Garden, our treasure

Puglia is a land of agri-food excellences. Every day we take care of our vegetable garden, our plants, and the 4 ha of olive groves and fruit trees. Feel free to stroll around the fruit garden and pick peaches, cherries, figs and pomegranates. We turn everything we collect into unique dishes, unforgettable recipes that make breakfasts, lunches and dinners in Masseria such a special experience. Even honey is local: next to the garden there are 40 hives with so many happy working bees.